MAP: Dual Citizenship Around the World

Oct 17, 2015

Last updated on 3 January, 2020


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Dual citizenship policies around the world

We originally researched which countries have strict yes/no policies regarding dual citizenship (DC), but like most other things in the world, it turned out to be more complicated than that. We broke down the following countries that allow DC into:

  • Yes
  • Yes, with restrictions*
  • No
  • No, with allowances*

Countries that allow dual citizenship

Certain countries, such as the UK and Australia allow dual citizenship under all or most situations. Others, such as Russia, Spain, and Turkey allow such option, but residents either have to notify the government before and after applying for second citizenship, can’t run for federal office, or only allow citizenship from certain other countries.

Countries that don’t recognize DC

Countries that restrict such option tend to have strict rules that only their citizens can have DC, but not naturalized foreigners, or only if another country won’t let someone out of their original citizenship – which is Norway’s loophole.

Then there are those countries that have a no-tolerance policy, such as Austria and Ukraine.

MAP: Dual Citizenship Around the World


Unsurprisingly, many countries do not outright publish the standard fees for renouncing citizenship/application to do so. MoveHub attempted to get this information from several consulates that did not display the fees on their or other government websites and will update the list when we receive responses.

Other countries, please, do not follow the ways of the USA and make your citizens pay more money.

Do you think more countries should allow dual citizenship and keep up with global forward trends? Share your thoughts with us below!

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