1040Abroad was established to serve our clients based on your specific needs. We don’t work to bill you on an hourly basis with no guarantee of results. We work faster than other companies and we are reliable as proved by hundreds clients, who stayed loyal after their first experience with us.

  • If you’ve realized that a traditional onshore US tax accountant will no longer best serve you as your lifestyle shifts

  • If you’ve been non-compliant for years and worried that the past may soon catch up to you when you least expect it. It takes just 3 years of reporting to become compliant, no matter how long you’ve been off the books.

  • If you are finally ready to cut all ties and renounce their US citizenship entirely, but you need to be compliant for five years. The government isn’t just going to let you walk away scot free without making some restitution on bygone years. It may sound like a major burden to go that far back, but with the assistance of someone proficient in both the logistics and personal experience of being an American abroad the entire process can be quick and painless.

For those reasons, I structure my tax return services based on the number of years you need to handle:

This year's simple Federal tax return:

Starting at $400

The last three years tax return streamlined compliance package:

Starting at $1,800

The last five years tax return streamlined compliance package

Starting at $2,600

If you are just getting started abroad, or have recently left and need help getting your new life set up in the ideal way, there are many personal advisory and concierge services I offer my clients. We provide custom solutions to every case we deal with. Contact us now to receive yours.