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Live a fuller life without worries about your future

Are you an expatriate who lives outside the U.S. and is already paying tax in a foreign country? 

Or a Perpetual Traveler, moving from place to place constantly, rarely staying in one place for more than a few weeks or months? 

Have you recently found out that you are technically an American citizen (i.e. Accidental American)? Therefore, subject to a lifetime of taxation that you never knew about?

Whether you are single, married or have your own family with children, you have come to the right place for dealing with your tax burdens.

Who are we?

We are a tax firm founded in 2012, consisting of a unique international team that is led by a U.S. expat. 

Always having our client’s best interest in mind, we work hard to make sure that U.S. expats become tax compliant and live the life abroad free of any hassle. 

Our approach 

Maximize your wealth while minimizing your tax burden. We understand that being tax compliant is a complex and complicated process and are, therefore, determined to offer the best available options for every client, based on their individual situation. 

Being both digital nomads and expatriates, we understand the lifestyle and priorities of the people who come to us for help.

Our Mission

Inspired by the prospect of offering a better life to U.S. citizens who live in foreign lands we believe successful partnerships are built on shared values of professionalism, reliability, and trust. We have seen how filling tax returns can have a stressful impact on our daily lives and experienced this first-hand.

Working ethics 

Therefore, our working ethics are simple and based on our passion for taxes, proving to each client that even the most complicated cases in International U.S. taxation can be solved by letting us do what we do best. At 1040 Abroad, we love what we do, which has been the key to both the company’s success and our clients’ satisfaction.

Our Values

At 1040 Abroad, we feel lucky to share our values with all of our customers!

Excellence: We are ready to help and advise you on the best solution for your cases with accuracy and reliability.

Customer Focus: We offer tailored complex solutions that will take away the burden of your tax return.

Trust: We believe that trust and passion come first when you want to succeed.

Whether you have been non-compliant for years and are looking to catch up moving forward. Or worried about the effects that your transition into the expatriate lifestyle will have on how you file your tax return. We can clear away the fog for you. 

We don’t believe in using any doom and gloom fear tactics about what might happen if you don’t file so as to pressure you into working with us. We see ourselves as teachers that provide a helping hand to people who are overwhelmed and earnestly seeking assistance.

Meet the team and speak to us!

Olivier Wagner, CPA (New Hampshire)
Download Olivier Wagner’s CPA License

IRS Enrolled Agent
Download Olivier Wagner’s EA License

CEO and U.S. tax expert

14+ years of helping Americans abroad to become tax compliant


Kasia Strzelczyk, EA
PTIN: P01976572

IRS Enrolled Agent
Download Kasia Strzelczyk’s EA License

U.S. expat tax specialist

Passionate about U.S. tax and will walk you through the process

Jovan Stojanovic

U.S. expat tax specialist and Account Manager

Helps Americans to save money on their annual federal income tax returns


Founder Story

Born in France, Olivier Wagner grew up near Strasbourg but always had a dream of living in different countries around the world and becoming a true cosmopolitan. One who contemplates being a world citizen through passion, inspiration and experience.

Education & Professional career

After completing a Master’s Degree in Finance, as well another degree in Business Administration, he moved to the United States to study the U.S. tax system in Louisiana. Since, he has built his professional career. He is a CPA (New Hampshire) and Enrolled Agent, as well as the Founder and Managing Director of 1040 Abroad. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2009 and gained years of experience at a large accounting firm for U.S. taxation in Montreal. As well as working for Corporate Finance in New York. 

At this time, he started a technical blog about the intricacies of U.S. tax code that was highly appreciated by professionals in the field. However, getting the message across to regular citizens who are seeking advice on what to do with their tax returns in unconventional settings was a different story. Thus, his message was left unheard.

Full-time nomadism

Having decided to transition to a life of full-time nomadism around the world, Olivier experienced life as an American and French expatriate in dozens of countries worldwide. Hence, Olivier has deep understanding of the challenges of living life outside your home country.

The time came for this knowledge and passion to be passed on to other U.S. citizens who had settled overseas. Since starting this journey, Olivier Wagner has been quoted in Forbes Magazine and also prepared tax returns for partners of large accounting firms and the Senate Financial Committee. He is also the author of the recently published Amazon Bestselling book, U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans.

“I want to give a more meaningful outlook on many aspects of international life. All based on my own unique perspective having immigrated to, and ultimately expatriating from, the United States of America.”

Olivier’s goal 

To ensure a stress-free living abroad experience for U.S. citizens. 1040 Abroad was founded in 2012 and is the result of his hard work, research, dedication, and passion to achieve this goal. The company’s success proves that staying 100% tax compliant as you go, while simultaneously being freed from the complicated and daunting taxation process, is an easy goal to achieve.


USA: (833) 397-2829 (toll free)

1632 1st Ave #29692
New York, NY 10028

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