COVID-19 Resource Guide: Taxpayers & Small Businesses

Apr 7, 2020

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Notably, we want to help our tax clients in these difficult times. With this intention, we formed a COVID-19 taxpayers guide in the hope to aid. Therefore, tune in on the latest info with our COVID-19 taxpayers guide. This guide lists various links. Essentially, here are listed links to the IRS, AICPA and the tax foundation. Another key help comes from the, for instance, U.S. Treasury Department and the Chamber of Commerce. Given these points, you should also keep up with social media profiles of the authorities.

Additionally, we’ll be posting to our blog as legislation passes or anything else changes.

Secondly, the AICPA
  • State Tax Filing Guidance for Coronavirus Pandemic

Finally, the Tax Foundation

Firstly, for small businesses

Whether this COVID-19 taxpayers guide helps not only you, but other small business owners. It lists some of the resources and help available to, for instance, small businesses. For any questions, reach out to our team.

U.S. Treasury Department
United States of America Small Business Administration

Plus, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Small Businesses Development Center: COVID-19 Small Business Resources
Automatic Data Processing Inc.: Good resource for businesses managing absences, paid and unpaid leave
Plus, Forbes: List Of Coronavirus Small Business Relief Programs.

Financial help links, for instance:

Support Local (USA Today): Support local businesses during this time. Encourage others to do the same!

Secondly, here are the government resources
Centers For Disease Control:

World Health Organization Coronavirus Information Page.
Department of Homeland Security Pandemic Guide.

U.S. State Department:
Finally, social media of crucial authorities

In conclusion, click the icons on our website to, subsequently, visit our social media profiles. Finally, follow the accounts of authorities during this time. Pivotal authorities are, for instance: the CDC, the World Health Organization and, lastly the IRS. Their accounts also contain important info:

  • CDC
  • World Health O
  • IRS.
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