Besides FATCA, how would they find me?

They could find you when you get or renew your US passport, which is required to enter the United States; The way it is supposed to work is that you are mandated to provide your US Social Security Number (SSN) when you apply for a passport. The Department of State...

FATCA & U.S. Expats in Mexico

FATCA is stirring a wave of confusion among U.S. expat communities around the world. As of this article, roughly 110 countries are either on-board with FATCA, or having active discussions with the United States. Mexico has signed FATCA agreement with the U.S. (as...

FATCA exempt credit union (as per the IGA with Canada)

As originally seen on the Isaac Brock Society’s post  If this is accurate… : Are Other Canadian Credit Unions Being As Responsible About FATCA as Vancity? I am delighted and, as a roughly-35-years member, proud to report that Alterna Savings and Credit Union....
FREE U.S. tax guide for Americans abroad

FREE U.S. tax guide for Americans abroad

The only e-book about U.S. international taxation, which you need to read as U.S. expat:

1. Foreign Tax Credit vs. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

2. What is the danger of holding a Controlled Foreign Corporation?

3. Why more and more people are renouncing U.S. citizenship?

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