1040 Abroad exists to shine a much needed light on the strategies, rules, and opportunities available to Americans who live or work abroad.

It is intended for the people who choose not to spend the majority of their lives within the boundaries of the United States as expatriates, digital nomads, perpetual travelers, dual citizens, and even those who did not know they were technically American citizens.

My specialty lies in the US tax laws which apply predominantly to Americans living, working, and banking abroad. However good a conventional on-the-ground US tax account may be, it is very likely that he or she will not be completely aware of the laws that apply to your unconventional lifestyle. A traditional tax accountant may mistakenly think it is not necessary to report offshore bank accounts, or that these types of accounts are entirely illegal. They would be wrong on both accounts, and you would face the consequences of inaccurate reporting.

Likewise, if you earn your income through offshore sources or your own registered offshore company, it is vital that you work with someone who is well versed in how this will affect your reporting requirements. If you are a citizen of resident of the United States, your involvement with a foreign corporation will require you to filing Form 5471, otherwise known as the Information Return of U.S. Persons with Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations form.

I Help You With:

Becoming tax compliant after years of failing to file.

Making sure your taxes are filed correctly as you transition into a lifestyle abroad (and ongoing into the future).

Helping you establish offshore bank accounts and corporate structures which will legally reduce your US tax burden.

Auditing your existing situation for ways to legally reduce your taxes.

Beginning the path to renouncing your US citizenship.

Immigration to the US and understanding its tax laws.

Opportunity for Americans Abroad

I won’t just help you file your tax return – I’ll hold your hand and teach you the vital information you need to know to save money, reduce your workload, and stay out of legal trouble for as long as you remain an expatriate.