U.S. Tax Services for American digital nomads abroad




Are you a self-employed U.S. citizen abroad

who has an online business and works remotely?

At 1040 Abroad we help with the tax and financial aspects

of the digital nomad lifestyle for Americans overseas.




I’m Olivier Wagner, a CPA and Enrolled Agent, as well as the Founder and CEO of 1040 Abroad. I and my team of U.S. tax experts have helped thousands of Americans abroad to choose and set up a correct business structure for tax purposes. We do it by showing legal ways to save money on your U.S. taxes while running an online/remote business. We also assist our clients to file federal income tax returns and become tax compliant after not filing for years. 

I founded 1040 Abroad In 2012 to help regular Americans who are seeking advice on what to do with their tax returns in unconventional settings. The same year I decided to transition to a life of full-time nomadism around the world to have a freedom and experience of running a full-time online tax firm to help fellow U.S. expats. Everyone in 1040 Abroad understands the challenges of living life outside your home country and we truly enjoy providing our best tax help to the clients. 


First of all, if you are wondering why you need to pay U.S. taxes, then you should know that the USA is one of the two countries in the world which has citizenship-based taxation. It means if you are a U.S. citizen or a Green Card Holder abroad, you are subject to U.S. tax on your worldwide income. Yes, it applies to you even if your business has nothing to do with the U.S., you have all your assets abroad and even if you have never visited the U.S. but was born as a dual citizen.

If you are a seeking a business tax advice as self-employed American or a U.S. digital nomad living abroad, we can help you with:

  • planning your tax strategy to legally save money on your returns (such as running an offshore business on the side, being self-employed, or have investments overseas).
  • all-inclusive U.S. tax preparation services: federal and state tax returns (including Form 1040 and all standard schedules). As well as additional forms, such as PFIC, CFC, and Foreign Trusts.
  • advising and helping to set up a legal structure which suits best for your own business (non-U.S. corp, LLC, S-Corp etc)/
  • counseling you where it is better to set up your business for tax purposes etc.

Our team of U.S. expat tax professionals will provide you the legal tax solutions which bring massive U.S. tax benefits.

Do you need a tax help regarding your personal tax situation? We can assist you with:

  • filing your federal income tax returns and saving you money by utilizing the deductions and exclusions.
  • helping you figure out if you need to file FBAR and/or FATCA(FinCEN Form 114 and Form 8938) and filing them for you.
  • Penalty and hassle-free filing of late tax returns from prior years, even if you’ve never filed or it’s been decades.


Flat fees.

FBAR Filing


Per form.

Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts

FinCEN form 114

free extension filing

preparing and filing on your behalf

Federal Tax Return


Standard package.

This package includes preparing and filing the following forms:

Form 1040: Tax return

5 Schedules: A, B, C, D, E

4 Forms: 1116, 2555, 8965, 8938

1-on-1 consultancy


Per 1 hour session.

Tax consultancy with CEO of 1040 Abroad

your tax and business related questions

100% confidential and personalized

tailored tax solutions and strategy

Standard package:

Schedule A: Itemized deduction

Schedule B: Interest and ordinary dividends

Schedule C: Sole proprietorship

Schedule D: Capital gains and losses

Schedule E: Rental property

Form 1116: Foreign Tax Credit

Form 2555: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Form 8965: Exemption from Healthcare coverage

Form 8938: Foreign Bank Accounts and Financial Assets

Additional Services

Form 8621: Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) Form
Form 5471: Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC)
Form 3520: Foreign Trusts

What our clients say

Olivier worked really hard to complete my wife’s streamlining process in a very short timeframe as we needed this completed quickly for visa application purposes. If you need your U.S. expat taxes sorted out, 1040 abroad are fast, affordable and thorough!


Mr. Wagner has prepared for us some very complicated forms required by the IRS. He is prompt, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring an experienced and professional tax preparer.


Would you like our help? Let’s start!

Olivier Wagner, CPA and EA. Founder and CEO of 1040 Abroad

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