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Free extension filing

The deadlines for filing tax returns are a little different for U.S. persons abroad.

Note these following dates for 2019:

  • April 15 is the filing deadline for most taxpayers.
  • June 17 is the filing deadline for expats.
  • October 15 is the filing deadline for requesting an extension.
  • April 15 is the deadline to pay a tax due.

You must pay any taxes due by April 15, 2019, even if you’re an expat filing your return by June 17, 2019.

Most Americans abroad qualify for an automatic two-month filing extension, so your return is due by June 17, 2019.

If you don’t pay the tax due by April 15, 2019, the IRS will not assess a Failure to Pay Penalty if you file and pay by June 17, 2019. You will, however, be charged interest on the unpaid amount.

Six-month Extensions

If you live in a country that follows a non-calendar tax year, such as the UK or Australia, your U.S. tax information is still reported on a calendar-year basis. But, in this case, you can request an automatic six-month extension to file. This gives you more time to gather information before the end of the tax year of the country where you are currently living.

The expat tax filing deadline with an extension is October 15, 2019. However, you must request this extension by filing a form with the IRS by the original due date of your return.

FBAR Filing Deadline

From 2017, this now coincides with the U.S. tax deadline of April 15, but an automatic six-month extension is available.

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