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Please feel free to leave a note or any type of comment after every question or statement, if you need to emphasize some information. You can use your local currency as we will take care of the currency conversion. You may modify the spreadsheets to better suit your personal needs. certification statement is a template, please adjust as appropriate. 


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When all the information is gathered we will take care of your returns. While we are preparing them, you can always contact us if you need any further information or you have remembered to add something that might be useful for your tax return.

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You might be wondering how other expats have got on working with us to file their U.S. taxes…

The whole process is designed to be easy and stress-free on your part, and we turn it around within two weeks. Unlike our competitors, you don’t pay us a cent until your paperwork has been processed.


Terry D.

Olivier made me feel that I was more than just a customer. I felt he was there for me and he gained my trust…which he still has. He explained things so that I could understand what was needed. I did not really know what to do. I was at a loss and all I wanted to get done is what needed to get done. Olivier and his team did it for me. 

Rose H.

The tax forms always used to be handled by my husband, and when he passed away I just had no idea where to start. A phone inquiry with the American Embassy as well as with the IRS did not help me at all. Fortunately I heard about 1040 Abroad through word of mouth. The e-mail contact with 1040 Abroad I had was clear friendly and helpful. My experience was very positive in every way. I was guided hrough every step with patience, support and kindness. 

Paul B.

I was having difficulty finding anyone to help me that I felt confident with. And one USA company caused me an expensive fine! I emailed 1040 Abroad and got a quick and courteous reply from Oliver there, and we clicked right away. Oliver and his crew knew immediately where my problems were and how to solve them.

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