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Message from Olivier Wagner, founder and CEO of 1040 Abroad:


When I first started 1040 Abroad, I was inspired by the idea of offering a better life to Americans living overseas, just like myself. I know that filing tax returns can be stressful in our daily lives and I wanted to take the hassle away from this process.

I and my team at 1040 Abroad love helping and advising you on the best tax solution for your case. The time came for this knowledge and passion to be passed on to other U.S. citizens who had settled overseas.

That’s why since May 2018 we have had a new initiative: we offer 20-min phone consultations to Americans seeking professional tax help free of charge.

Appointments get booked out quickly, so if you’d like to have a phone call with us, please fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you.

Yours in freedom,


Get on the phone with one of our tax experts


Book Your Free Consultation Call

Our in-house tax experts are specialized in international tax planning and tax optimization. Get all your questions answered in just one call!

While the consultation call is free, it requires a $50 retainer towards your tax preparation fees. Your accountant will meet you via Zoom at the time/date that is best for you. 

We decided to charge the retainer fee to help those who really want to speak with an accountant. Unfortunately, many forget about their appointments while those who really need help might have to wait several days (sometimes weeks).

Can I get help without paying for a retainer?

Yes, absolutely! We leave no stone unturned, and no email unanswered. We are committed to providing free tax advice for all U.S. Expats. Simply email us your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

USA: (833) 397-2829 (toll free)

Canada: 320 Bay St. Suite 101
Toronto, ON M5H 4A6

United Kingdom: 7 Bell Yard
London WC2A 2JR

USA: 1632 1st Ave #29692
New York, NY 10028

U.S. Taxes For American Expats E-book

FREE U.S. Tax Guide for Americans Abroad

The only e-book about U.S. Expat Taxes you need to read! Covers

1. Foreign Tax Credit vs. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

2. The Additional Child Tax Credit. Get a $1,400 refund!

3.  What happens if I don't file?

and more...

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