S Corp vs C Corp

S Corp is very advantageous when compared to C Corp. The difference between an S Corp and an LLC is not that big. – The advantage of the S Corp is that you will be drawing a salary, hence you only will be paying FICA payroll taxes on your salary. A single-member...

Income earned on international waters

As we know, there are two main mechanisms available to US persons to avoid being taxed in the US (in the case of the foreign tax credit, while also paying taxes overseas): – The foreign tax credit (FTC) and – The foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE) The...

Filing obligation of a 6 year old

Somebody recently asked if a 6-year-old US citizen, living abroad, who receives minimal unearned income on his bank account was required to file U.S. tax returns. Here is our response – feel free to as your own question in the comment section below: The general...
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