Tax Treaties

Tax treaties may provide unique advantages; feel free to look at them to see if it contains something that could be useful to your specific case. Country Signed Income Tax Treaty Technical Explanation Australia 1982 63K 87K Australia Protocol   2001 35K K Austria 1996...

How can snowbirds avoid becoming US persons?

Hello snowbirds, Winter’s coming, time to move south. Will I become a US person subject to US taxation on my worldwide income? According to the domestic tax laws of the United States, the substantial presence test (“SPT”) is used to determine the residency...

Trailing Nexus

Hi, I’m going to go beyond my previous topics with this post covering Nexus. This will be applicable to those engaged in a trade or business in the United States, so corporations or self-employed people. For income tax purposes, those based in treaty countries...

Exceptions to the Substantial Presence Test

Hi, In the post Overstayed Your Welcome? “Substantial Presence” in the USA & Foreign Teacher, Student, Trainee or Government Employee in the US? How to Prevent US Taxation on Your Worldwide Income , Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D. describes the substantial presence...
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FREE U.S. tax guide for Americans abroad

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