Live Updates: COVID-19 News for Taxpayers and Small Business Owners

Apr 2, 2020

As the whole world grapples with the personal, professional, and economic fallout of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to help our US expats, tax and small business clients stay up to date on the latest COVID-19 news affecting them each day.

Keep checking back for the top headlines to stay informed.

Here is some of the important news to keep up with today:Live Updates, COVID-19, News, Taxpayers, Small Business Owners, SMB, coronavirus
April 1 COVID-19 News

The Hill: Trump calls on Congress to restore tax deductions for business meals, entertainment

Politico: Coronavirus hits the economy where it hurts: Consumer confidence

CountingWorks: Commercial Tenants: Dealing With COVID-19 Shutdowns and Your Lease Obligations

Fast Company: What is an ‘essential’ business anyway? A cheat sheet for getting through the COVID-19 pandemic

Politico: States overwhelmed by previously unimaginable layoff numbers

CNN: What will travel look like after coronavirus?

The Hill: Poll – 28 percent of Americans say they’ve already lost wages due to coronavirus

March 31 COVID-19 News

Fast Company: What is ‘force majeure’? The legal term you’ll be hearing a lot during the coronavirus crisis

Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs Sees 34% Plunge in U.S. GDP and 15% Unemployment

Barron’s: What the 1918 Flu Can Teach Us About Avoiding an Economic Meltdown

NBC News: Most cruise lines don’t pay taxes in the U.S. — just one of the reasons they aren’t getting a bailout

Los Angeles Times: Restaurants are pivoting to takeout and delivery. Will it be enough to survive?

Wodify Blog: Coronavirus/COVID-19: Guide for Gym Owners

Touch Bistro: Restaurant Marketing Ideas During Coronavirus

The Hill: Coronavirus poses new threat to mortgage industry

The Daily Beast: Do I Have to Pay My Rent or Mortgage During the Pandemic?

March 30 COVID-19 News

Fast Company: The coronavirus crisis is hitting childcare workers especially hard

CNBC: A food crisis looms as coronavirus forces farms to stay idle and countries hoard supplies

Forbes: Malls Survived The Retail Apocalypse, But Coronavirus Threatens To Be Their Armageddon

Bloomberg Businessweek: Boutique Fitness Studios Reduce to a Staff of One to Save Their Business


March 29 COVID-19 News

The Wall Street Journal: White House Extends Social-Distancing Guidelines Until End of April

Forbes: Beware Of Stimulus Check Scams And Related Hoaxes

The Hill: Trump floats restoring full corporate tax deduction for meals as coronavirus derails restaurants

Politico: Cannabis finds its moment amid coronavirus outbreak

Forbes: Zero Contact Everything: Coronavirus Causes The Rapid Rise Of ‘No Touch’ Retail

March 28 COVID-19 News

The New York Times: David Chang isn’t sure the restaurant industry will survive Covid-19

Forbes: IRS Continues To Limit Operations Due To Coronavirus Crisis, But Will Still Issue Tax Refunds

CNBC: New Yorkers have until July 15 to file state tax returns, Cuomo confirms

Fox Business: Coronavirus stimulus checks: Should you wait to file your 2019 tax returns?

Forbes: How To Maximize Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check

March 27 COVID-19 News

The Hill: House passes $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, with Trump to sign quickly

The Wall Street Journal: How the Coronavirus Paid Leave Rules Apply to You

Politico: House to pass $2 trillion coronavirus package — but not without last-minute drama

The Wall Street Journal: Construction Companies Lobby to Keep Working as Coronavirus Spreads

Fast Company: An official World Health Organization COVID-19 app is coming soon


March 26 COVID-19 News

Forbes: What To Do About Your Student Loans During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

The Wall Street Journal: Small Businesses in Limbo as They Await Coronavirus Assistance for Them

Politico: More questions and answers about the coronavirus checks

Fast Company: Applying for a small business disaster loan? What to know about the COVID-19 stimulus package

Forbes: When You File Your 2019 Tax Return Will Impact Your Stimulus Payment

Tax Foundation: Tracking State Legislative Responses to COVID-19

Forbes: How Will The Coronavirus Bill’s Individual Tax Payments Work?

March 25 COVID-19 News

The Hill: White House, Senate reach deal on $2 trillion stimulus package

Politico: Here’s what’s in the $2 trillion stimulus package — and what’s next

Fast Company: Coronavirus stimulus checks: What we know so far

The Hill: New York Governor Cuomo: ‘Numbers don’t work’ in ‘terrible’ Senate stimulus package

Fast Company: What to do if you’re laid off during COVID-19: Start with these unemployment resources

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