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About me

I’m Olivier Wagner, CPA and Enrolled Agent and I am Managing Director of 1040Abroad. My story started in France, where I grew up near Strasbourg. From a very young age, it was always my dream to be a true worldwide citizen. I moved to the US after having completed my master's degree in finance, as well as an MBA. I worked on Wall Street and passed the first two levels of the CFA exam. My immigration story allows me to understand the complexities both for foreigners and US citizens.

What makes my story unique?

1. I am US expat myself and also have to file tax returns just as my clients.

Shortly after becoming a US citizen, I began working in the financial and investor services field. It was these experiences learning about how people work to save and grow their money, and the various laws that affect them, that eventually led me into the field of helping other US citizens understand and prepare for the elaborate system of taxation they lived under. 

I am now a happy traveling expatriate of my own adopted country, the United States. And just like the many people I help I am also required to file a US tax return every single year, taking into account the specific important elements which apply directly to those in our situation.

2. I know tax struggles and solutions for Americans living abroad.

1040Abroad company was founded by me in 2012, when I started specializing in preparing tax returns for US citizens living outside the US. Through becoming an Enrolled Agent and gaining a wealth of experience working with a large accounting firm in Montreal in US taxation, I came to know the struggles of Americans abroad both from a technical and personal perspective.

3. I’m digital nomad, which means I work online from any country in the world.

Because I am both a digital nomad and an expatriate, I know firsthand the lifestyle and priorities of the people who come to me for help making sense of their tax obligations. Since starting this journey, I’ve been quoted in Forbes and prepared tax returns for the partner of a Big 4 accounting firms and the Senate Financial Committee. I also can advise you if you want to switch to freelance and digital nomad lifestyle and how to keep your taxes trouble free.

Whether have been non-compliant for years and are looking to get caught up moving forward, or you are worried about the effects your transition into the expatriate lifestyle will have on how you file your tax return, I can clear away the fog for you. I don’t believe in using doom and gloom fear tactics about what might happen if you don’t file to pressure you into working with me. I see myself as a teacher and a helping hand to people who are overwhelmed and earnestly seeking assistance.